My Boomerang buttons are missing!

If the Boomerang buttons (e.g. Send Later, Respondable, etc.) aren’t appearing in Gmail, first confirm the extension is installed on the device you are using. If not, you can install it here. If the extension is installed, please try the following steps:

Sign out of Gmail.
Please clear the cache on your browser (Instructions: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
Close and restart your browser. Does it work now? If the buttons still aren’t appearing after those steps, please try visiting and see if that solves the issue.

If the buttons still aren’t appearing after all the above, please contact us at with a screenshot of the other extensions you have installed. It's possible one is conflicting with ours. To find your extensions, follow the instructions:

  • Chrome: Navigate to chrome://extensions in your Chrome web browser.
  • Firefox: Navigate to about:addons in your Firefox web browser.
  • Safari: Go to the Safari menu, then Preferences, then Extensions
  • Edge: Navigate to edge://extensions in your Edge web browser.
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