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The Basics

Getting Started

Get started with Boomerang in just 4 easy steps

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Accounts & Billing

Account management and billing support for individual users

10 articles


Having trouble with Boomerang? Look here first!

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Organization Subscriptions

Sign up as an org for centralized billing and management

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Security & Privacy

Boomerang takes security and privacy seriously

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Email Productivity

Send Later

Write an email now and schedule it to send at the perfect time

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Follow-up Reminders

Response tracking: get reminded if you don't hear back

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Inbox Pause

Inbox Pause gives you control over when emails appear in your Inbox.

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A real time AI assistant that helps you write better, more actionable emails

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Recurring Messages

Simple recurring messages and reminders for Gmail

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Boomerang (Snooze)

Take messages out of your inbox until you actually need them

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Read Receipts

See when and how often your emails get opened and clicked

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Premium Features

Features available exclusively for our Premium tier users

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Meeting Scheduling

Bookable Schedule

Create a schedule and share it with anyone, again and again

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Suggest Times

Schedule an ad-hoc meeting with someone

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Team Scheduling

Schedule events as a team

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Share Free/Busy

Share a live view of when you're busy

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Add Event

Turn an email into a calendar event

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Zoom Integration

How to schedule a Zoom meeting with Boomerang

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