Boomerang Toolbox

The Boomerang Toolbox is a set of tools that will help you with managing your email in different ways. These are tasks that will occur automatically depending on which tool you select.

These tools are available exclusively to users on our Premium plan. To learn more, or upgrade your plan in order to access them, visit our subscriptions page.

How to access the Boomerang Toolbox

If you have a Premium plan, you will see the link to your Boomerang Toolbox when you click on the Boomerang icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail window. Click the link, and you'll be transported right to the toolbox. You will also see a link to your toolbox in the left sidebar of your manage page.

What's in the Toolbox?

The Boomerang Toolbox includes a suite of powerful, customizable ways to get more from your Inbox:

  • Awaiting Response - Quickly find and label messages that you sent in the last week/day/month that didn't get a response!
  • Find Emails that Need Attention - Find messages where you might need to reply. If you've sent a message to someone, they responded, but then you never acknowledged their message, this will find them and label them as "Need to reply".
  • Auto-Expire Emails - This lets you apply a special label to a message, and it will automatically disappear (configure the script to either Archive or Delete them!) after a customizable amount of time. Perfect for cleaning up expiring daily deals, long articles that you don't have time to read, or anything else that you don't want to keep around if you don't get to it soon.
  • Highlight an Email - Overwhelmed with too many emails that are difficult to deal with, and don't know where to start? Highlight an Email will choose a random email and make it stand out from the crowd with a lovely blue color!
  • Choose Three Emails - What if you only have time to deal with three emails between meetings but you can't decide which to handle? This bookmarklet will choose three emails at random and hide all others. Your productivity will soar as your mind finds focus!
  • Boomerang a Web Page - When you come across a web page that you want to revisit in the future, click this bookmarklet to email it to yourself at a time you specify. Like a bookmark or read-it-later app, but in your email!

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