How to Track Responses by default

One of the powerful features included in our Premium plan is the ability to track responses by default, on all of your outgoing messages. Here's how:

In Gmail, click the Boomerang I con in the top right corner of the page.

Click Email settings from the dropdown menu.

The following Boomerang settings menu will appear. If you have a Premium plan, the Premium Settings section will be enabled. 
Check the box next to Enable Boomerang for every email I send, then select when you'd like a reminder after sending. 

The default choice is that Boomerang will return the message if there is no response, but you can also change this so that you'll get reminded if the email has not been opened, or regardless.

Once you're happy with your Boomerang settings, click OK
All outgoing messages will have these response tracking settings automatically applied.

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