How to uninstall Boomerang

There are two steps to remove Boomerang from your computer:

Uninstall the plug-in from your browser: (for detailed instructions click on your browser type below)

Mailplane: Preferences > Accounts > select your account > Advanced > uncheck Boomerang

 Revoke Boomerang's access to your Gmail data for privacy.

If you would like to revoke Boomerang's access to your Gmail account, we recommend doing so via your Google Account Settings:

  • Under the "Security" section, click the link that says 'Third-party apps with account access.'
  • Select 'Boomerang for Gmail' and remove access everywhere you see it on that page.
Alternately, you can use our Disconnect page. Please note that this method will immediately cancel all scheduled messages.

Please note that uninstalling and revoking access does not cancel a subscription. Subscriptions are linked to usernames (your email address), not installation or usage. If you have a paid subscription you want cancelled, please cancel it from your Manage page, or email and we'll assist you with the cancellation.

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