How to use Suggest Times

Suggest Times lets you easily schedule an ad-hoc meeting with anyone you're emailing. Use this lightweight approach to share a set of available times of your choice, and let your guest book with just a few clicks — no more back and forth! With Boomerang's double booking prevention, as your schedule fills up, your suggested times update automatically every time they open the email.

To Suggest Times to your recipient, open up a new Gmail compose window. Compose a message to your recipient, then click on the  Meet button in the bar at the bottom of your compose window.

From the dropdown menu, select  Suggest Times.

You will see the Suggest Times dialog open as a new window. If you've already included a subject line and recipient, you'll see that they've been autofilled in the upper left of the window. Here you'll also want to choose how long the meeting will be, what calendar this event will be added to once your recipient books a time, location details, and a description, as preferred:

Below the meeting details you'll find a weekly calendar view, showing any events you might currently have scheduled. By default, Boomerang will display availability from calendars you've chosen to sync by default in your Calendar settings, but you can toggle any others on and off here.
Click and drag directly on the calendar view to suggest available time slots to meet.
You can remove any time slots by clicking on the X icon in the upper right corner of each time slot, or click below Suggested times to easily view and delete a list of all suggested times.

Once you're happy with the times suggested, check the Preview area on the right side to see what will be inserted in the email. Here you can also confirm the following details:
    Include Magic Live Calendar - Allow recipients to choose a time from a live calendar insert, which will always reflect your latest, up-to-date availability.
    Include my free/busy availability - If you choose to include a Magic Live Calendar, you can also show your free/busy availability without giving up your privacy. We’ll show if you’re busy, but the details remain a secret.
    Prevent double booking - We'll automatically remove slots that become unavailable, and add them back if time frees up again.
    Reserve these times on my calendar - We’ll add tentative events to your calendar to reserve these times until your guest chooses one.


Finally, click on Insert into email.

A Magic Live Calendar will be embedded in your email, showing your recipient an always up-to-date view of times you can meet. They can click directly on the image to confirm a time, and calendar invitations will be sent to both of you.

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