How to Share your Free/Busy availability

Share a live snapshot of your free or busy schedule with anyone you're emailing. Use this lightweight approach to sharing your schedule and give your guest access to your availability information without giving up any privacy. As your schedule fills up, your available times update automatically.

To share your Free/Busy availability, open up a new Gmail compose window. Compose a message to your recipient, then click on the Meet button in the bar at the bottom of your compose window.

From the dropdown window, select Share Free/Busy.

First, select the duration for which you'd like to share your schedule. The default options included are the next 3 days, 5 days, and following week; you can also click on Custom to select a later period of time -- any future duration of up to 10 consecutive days.

The checkboxes below the duration allow you to begin showing your schedule from today, or to include weekends if you prefer.

Then, select the time range that you'd like the schedule to include. Perhaps you want to make sure your recipient selects a time during your normal business hours, or maybe you want to make sure a particular meeting takes place in the morning.

Next you can choose which of your calendars you want to include availability from. By default, the schedules you synced in your calendar settings will be included, but now is a good chance to make any changes -- for example, if you want to make sure one of your colleagues will be available for this meeting as well.

Once you've configured your Free/Busy settings as desired, click on Insert

A Magic Live Calendar will be embedded in your email, with a live snapshot of your free or busy availability. Any changes made to your calendar will update automatically!

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