What's so magical about Magic Live Calendar?

A Magic Live Calendar is a live, interactive view of your schedule, embedded directly inside an email. The patented technology behind the Magic Live Calendar makes it possible to update this view behind the scenes in real time as your schedule changes, and is a much better, much more respectful and convenient experience for both hosts and guests. 

Because the emails you send with Boomerang are always-up-to-date, you don't have to worry about double booking. With every other scheduling solution, the moment you send an email, the scheduling information you included is immediately out of date. Magic Live Calendar will work with all major email providers, and most others as well. As long as their mail client can load images, Magic Live Calendar will work for them.

When your guests receive a meeting invitation using a Magic Live Calendar, they will just need select a time, confirm, and boom - done. And now, they can overlay their calendar right in the email they receive, saving them even more time and hassle.

Magic Live Calendar works with all three of our awesome scheduling features:

Bookable Schedule

With Bookable Schedule, you can set up a schedule of your available meeting times once and share it over and over, making scheduling a meeting seamless and easy for your recipient, as it is for you. 

Share Free/Busy

Use Share Free/Busy, a simple, lightweight way to share scheduling availability via a simple live view of when you’re busy. And because of our Magic Live Calendar, it’s always up to date.

Suggest Times

Or use Suggest Times for scheduling flexible, one-off meetings in just a few clicks without back and forth. Fully customizable and always up to date.

Your invitees will be totally blown away. Plus you’ll be eliminating all the back and forth of the scheduling dance that wastes so much time. 

It’s just one more way we at Boomerang are working to give you back the one thing you can’t buy - time.

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