Using Suggest Times across time zones

Suggest Times helps simplify meeting scheduling whether you're coordinating with a colleague across the hall, or a client based on the other side of the world.

Our time zone selector lets you share suggested time slots in both your own and your recipients' time zones, for an easier, more respectful experience for both parties.

By default, Suggest Times will display the time zone that your browser is in. If you'd like to view the calendar and suggest time slots in a different time zone, click on the time zone abbreviation in the upper left corner of the calendar, and select a time zone from the list, or click on More.

Even better, you can share a set of suggested time slots across both of your time zones! To do so, click Add Secondary Time Zone.

Choose your recipient's time zone from the list. 

Then, you can view and select time slots that are convenient for both parties.

When you insert the Magic Live Calendar, it will indicate the times for both time zones.

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