How to customize your meeting scheduling settings

You can access your various Boomerang settings at any time by finding the small Boomerang icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail window.

Customize meeting scheduling settings

To adjust the settings for our Meeting Scheduling features (Suggest Times, Send Later, Add Event), click on the Boomerang icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail window and select Calendar Settings:

You'll be taken to the Calendar Settings page with the following options:

Display name

The display name is what will be shown to recipients when they view a schedule or confirm a meeting you've initiated with any of the Boomerang Scheduling features.

Start of week

This setting determines what day of the week your Boomerang Scheduling calendars begin with.

Default meeting duration

You can choose a default meeting length of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. This default will be selected when using Suggest Times or Bookable Schedule, but can of course be overridden at the time of set up.

Custom messages

With this setting, you can customize the default messages that are prepended to each of your Suggest Times or Share Free/Busy images.


Connect your Zoom account to Boomerang to generate automatic Zoom links for meeting invitations.

Default calendars

The following settings allow you to choose default calendars to use with Boomerang's Scheduling features, but can be changed at the time of use:

  • Default calendar to add new events - This is the default calendar any event scheduled with Suggest Times or Bookable Schedule will be added to.
  • Default calendars to show - These are the calendars that will appear, and be referenced for availability, by default, when using any of the Boomerang Scheduling features. 

Want to schedule meetings with one of your coworkers or family members, but don't see it on this list? Check out Google Calendar's help center article about how to share your calendar with someone.

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