Using Bookable Schedule as an Executive Assistant

If you support one, or multiple Executives, Bookable Schedule can be easily used to schedule meetings for each of them!

Change your Display Name to your company name

We suggest changing your Display Name to your company name. Navigate to your Boomerang Calendar Settings page, and edit the Display Name field as shown in the screenshot below.

For example, instead of "Joe," you'd change the display name to "Baydin, Inc." This will ensure that Bookable Schedule invites you send will show as being from your company, rather than from you. You may also want to change the Personal Scheduling URL by clicking on Edit URL.

Set up a Bookable Schedule for each executive you support

From Gmail, compose a new message, click on the red Meet button, and select Bookable Schedule. Click on the + Icon at the top of the menu to create a new schedule. You can also create new Bookable Schedules from the Manage Page, by clicking on Create New Schedule.

Select the executive's calendar as the calendar that meetings should be added to. (Don't see your executive's calendar as an option? See our troubleshooting at the bottom of this page)

Make sure the executive's calendar is selected as a Check for Conflicts calendar.

Then, set their general availability and click on Save Changes.

We recommend creating a new Availability Set for each executive you support, with the executives name in the Availability Set name, to make it clear whose availability is being checked for each Bookable Schedule you create.

Under More Options, put the executive's name as the Name of meeting host when creating the Bookable Schedule.

Once you've created the Bookable Schedules for each executive, you'll be able to access and share each schedule right from your email:

You can also provide the specific Bookable Schedule link to each executive for them to share themselves, if desired:

Help! I don't see my executive's calendar as an option for #2 and/or #3!

First, go to your Boomerang Calendar Settings page, and see if their calendar is listed but is not selected as one to show. If it is there and the box next to it is unchecked, simply check the box, and then try creating their Bookable Schedule again.

If you don't see their calendar listed on the Calendar Settings page at all, or you've selected it on the Settings page but you're still not seeing it as an option when creating the Bookable Schedule, it may be that they haven't haven't granted you the correct permissions.

To share a calendar to add events to:

  1. The executive will need to go to their Google Calendar from a computer.
  2. Locate the My Calendars section from the left side.
  3. Hover over the calendar in question to expose and click on the dotted Options for... button.
  4. Select Settings and sharing.
  5. Add your Boomerang account under the Share with Specific People list. In order to allow you to book meetings on their behalf, they should select the Make Changes to Events level of permissions. They can read more details on the calendar sharing process here.
  6. Refresh your Gmail and try creating or editing the Bookable Schedule again.
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