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How do I change the primary time zone for my Bookable Schedule?

We will automatically set your primary time zone based on the time zone of your browser, but if you need to change the primary time zone for your Bookable Schedule, you can do so by editing it from the Manage Page.

After clicking on Edit, expand the Availability section.
Click on the dropdown menu for Time Zone, and select your desired primary time zone.
Adjust your general availability for that time zone if needed, and click on Save Changes when finished. You'll be given 2 options:
1. Update Existing: Updates the time zone (and any additional changes) for all Bookable Schedules using that Availability Set.
2. Save as new...: Updates the time zone for just this Bookable Schedule, creating a new availability set for that time zone.
Click on Done Editing when finished to save the changes you made.

How can I show multiple time zones for my Bookable Schedule?

When you want to show a secondary time zone for the Bookable Schedule, you can do customize it when inserting the Bookable Schedule.

From the Gmail draft window, click on Meet, then Bookable Schedule.
In the new menu, click on  Bookable Schedule.
Select your desired Bookable Schedule, then click on Personalize Invitation.

Click on Add Recipient's Time Zone.
Filter for the time zone (if needed), and then select their time zone.

Click on Insert with these details to insert a Magic Live Calendar in the email with the updated details (or, you can Insert as Link).

Your Bookable Schedule will be inserted into your email, and will show the available meeting times in both your primary time zone, and the recipient's time zone. If you selected

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