How to personalize a Bookable Schedule for a specific meeting

You can personalize a Bookable Schedule before inserting it, to set a custom title that will apply to this meeting only, limit the recipient of this email to a certain range of dates, or add a secondary time zone inside the email, making cross-time zone booking a cinch!

To personalize the invitation, start by opening a new draft in Gmail, click on Meet, and then select on Bookable Schedule.

From there, click on Personalize Invitation, underneath the desired Bookable Calendar.

To personalize the invitation, you can:

Add a custom meeting title instead of your default Bookable Schedule title. You can customize this with your client's name, or company name, for a more personalized touch.

Select a custom time frame for when the recipient can book their meeting. While your availability will be based off the Bookable Schedule you set up, this feature allows you to only offer slots within a specific time frame, just for this specific recipient/invitation.

  • Default allows them to book any date that fits the original settings of that Bookable Schedule.
  • 2 Weeks allows them to book between today's date and 2 weeks in the future.
  • Next Month allows them to book between today's date and a month into the future.
  • Custom allows you to select the specific date range you want to offer.  Select the starting and ending dates for the desired range, and then click on Ok to save.
Add the recipient's time zone, so they'll see the appointment times in both your time and their time.

Once you've selected the desired customizations, you can either Insert As Link, or Insert with these details to get the full magic live calendar insertion. 

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