How do I manage my availability for multiple schedules at once?

It's easy to change your availability set or sets via the online Manage Page!

From the Manage Page, click on the 3 dots next to the availability that you want to change.

Select Edit to change the availability set, or Duplicate to make a second availability set that has the exact same hours and checks the same calendars for conflicts.

If you select Edit, you'll be able to change any of the following:


  1. the Name of the availability set (click in the text box to change the name) 
  2. the Bookable Schedules using this availability (click on the dropdown under "Used On" and select the checkboxes next to each Bookable Schedule you want to use this availability, then click Apply Availability to save the change)
  3. the calendars to Check for Conflicts (click on the dropdown under Check for Conflicts, and select or deselect the checkboxes next to each calendar to add or remove that calendar)
  4. the Time Zone (click on the dropdown under Time Zone to select a different zone)
  5. the Weekly Hours or Specific Dates that you're available
When you're done editing the availability set, click on Save Changes. The changes to your availability set will automatically update all the Bookable Schedules that use that availability set.

Why would I Duplicate a set?

Duplicating a set is an easy and quick way to get a second set that is initially identical, and then you can make small tweaks to the second set (such as changing the calendars to check for conflicts, or the time zone, the hours on one day of the week, etc.). It can be a faster way to get your other availability sets created, if they will be very similar - rather than building a new set from scratch.

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