What does it mean when a calendar is not connected?

Boomerang's scheduling features require access to your Google calendars.  Boomerang will automatically request these permissions when you first start using it, but occasionally those permissions can get revoked.  The most frequent cause of this is a change in passwords - when a user changes their password, Google automatically revokes permissions to external apps like Boomerang.  When this happens, Boomerang is no longer able to access your calendars, meaning we can no longer share your availability or schedule events. You may encounter a similar error if you have a Bookable schedule that uses a Google calendar that has been deleted. If this happens, you'll need to edit your Bookable schedule and use a valid calendar.

When this happens, you can resolve it in one of two ways.  The next time you use a Boomerang feature you will automatically be prompted to re-grant permissions if they've been lost.  Additionally, when we detect permissions have been lost we will send you an email including a link with which you can re-grant the permissions.  With either method, once the permissions have been re-granted, everything will automatically be restored to working order.

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