How do Collective Team Bookable Schedules work?

Collective Team Bookable Schedules allow you to easily schedule meetings when multiple members of your team are available.  A collective schedule will only offer times that all your designated hosts are available.  The specifics of how Boomerang determines availability are customizable so your Bookable Schedule will function exactly how you want it to.

Available hours

Your Team Bookable Schedule can determine available hours in two ways.  By default, your Bookable Schedule will be set to "Use each person's availability", meaning available hours are determined for each individual host.  You can further customize the schedule hours, by changing from "Determine automatically" to "Determine manually".  This will allow you to set further limitations on when the meeting slots will be offered.  When "Determine manually" is set, only available times that fall under both the user's availability sets and your designated time frames will be offered.

The other option is to "Set the same hours for everyone".  This will allow you to designate the hours meetings will be offered, without considering users' individual availability sets.  Boomerang will still check for conflicts before offering meetings, but only against scheduled events, not the individual's designated available hours.

Checking for conflicts

Depending on how Available Hours are calculated, Boomerang will check for conflicts slightly differently.  If Availability Sets are used ("Use each person's availability"), Boomerang will check for conflicts against calendars designated in that Availability Set.  If "Set the same hours for everyone" is used, Boomerang will check for conflicts against each user's default calendars to check for conflicts. 

Offered slots

Collective Schedules will only offer appointment slots that A) are conflict free for all hosts and B) fall in the available hours for all hosts.

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