How to customize the Boomerang and Send Later menus

If you're frequently scheduling Send Laters or Boomerang/Remind Me's at a specific time, Boomerang makes it easy to customize the default times shown in the menu:

How to customize the Boomerang and Send Later menus

Compose a new email, and click Send Later or Boomerang/ Remind M e.
Click the Cog Icon in the top right corner of the pop-out menu.
Enter the custom delivery time you want to add and click the Add button.
  • + 5 hours (Or "minutes," "days," "weeks," "months" or "years")
  • Tuesday 9am
  • Tomorrow 4pm
  • Jan 1
Your custom delivery time(s) will appear below the custom time field after. You may uncheck any default times to remove them from the menu.
When you're done customizing the menu, click Update Menu to save the changes you made.

Once the menu is updated, the custom delivery time(s) will be available in both the Send Later menu and the Boomerang/ Remind Me menu below the default times.

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