What is Suggest Times?

Use Suggest Times to  schedule a meeting in a single email - no more back and forth! Just choose a set of times that are good for you and email it to your guest. Your guest clicks a time inside that email, and the meeting is in both your calendars!

Suggest Times is super-configurable, so you can use it to schedule meetings under just about any circumstances: 

  • Use Prevent Double Booking and Boomerang will automatically remove slots that you schedule events over. We'll add them back if those times free up again. 
  • Reserve Times to set up a "meeting hold" by blocking all of the times you suggest in your calendar so that nothing else can get booked on top of them. Once your guest picks a time, those spots will all free up again, automatically. 
  • You can choose to share your free/busy schedule on the dates you send, so your guest can pick time that you didn't suggest in case nothing works. 
  • You can even turn off the Magic Live Calendar, and we'll fall back to a svelte text experience
  • Finally, we're virtual-meeting-ready. Just add your Zoom link (or any other meeting software link of your choice), and we'll stash it right there for you, so you can use it every time without typing.

Thanks to Boomerang's Magic Live Calendar, everything works perfectly even if your availability changes after you send the email. If you add an event to your calendar that overlaps with one of the suggested times, it will be automatically removed!

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