How to manage personal availability

Depending on how your Team Bookable Schedules are managed, you have two options for managing your availability. To determine which method your team schedule is using, check the team schedule summary from your Bookable Schedule page. If, next to the calendar icon, it says "Schedule Hours*", that means your team manager is defining the available hours. If it doesn't say schedule hours*, it will specify which availability set is being used.

The first way to manage your availability will work for all your schedules - simply add events covering the days and times you are out of the office to your Google Calendar. But be careful! When adding all day events, Google defaults to "Free" status for the event - this will not block off the time. Make sure to change the event status to "busy" to ensure your availability is accurately reflected.

The second option is managing your availability set. This option will only work if your team manager has allowed for availability set usage on your Team Schedules.

If availability sets are enabled, you can use them to manage your availability with finer detail. For example, you might have one Availability Set for in person meetings, and one for Zoom calls. You could then remove the availability specifically from your in person meeting Availability Set, leaving any schedules using your Zoom set still able to book meetings during that time period. You can edit your Availability Sets here. For more details on how to edit your Availability Sets, please see this article.

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