What is Inbox Pause, and how does it work?

Email has become a near-indispensable tool for everyday life.  But an untamed Inbox can see that tool transform into a terror.  Inbox Pause is a powerful suite of Inbox management options to take control of your Inbox and prevent it from controlling you.  Inbox Pause offers multiple modes to suit your needs, whether you want to embrace your right to disconnect or simply cut down on distractions during the day. 

Leave work at the office

After a grueling day at the office, the last thing you want to see on your phone is a notification you got an email asking why your TPS reports weren't turned in.  With Inbox Pause's "Work Hours" schedule, you can set your Inbox to automatically pause at the end of the workday, then unpause at the start of the next day.  Inbox Pause allows you to reclaim your personal time and saves your email until you can dedicate your focus to it.  Work a job where you're on-call, or might receive urgent notifications?  No problem!  With Inbox Pause exceptions you can make sure urgent messages still reach you, even when your Inbox is paused.  

Eliminate email distractions

Studies show that checking emails only a few times a day reduces stress and boosts productivity, as well as having the ability to disengage outside of work hours and rest.  By using Inbox Pause's batched delivery option, you will receive your email only at designated delivery times.  Now, instead of getting distracted by each email as it comes in, you can set aside blocks of time each day to answer your email, leaving the rest of your day free from distracting email notifications.  

Focus time

Maybe you're not ready to commit to leaving your Inbox Paused all day, or perhaps your job just isn't conducive to it.  By setting up a "Focus Time" schedule, Inbox Pause allows you to block off smaller chunks of time to pause your Inbox on a regular basis.  Maybe every Wednesday afternoon you have Maker Time, or maybe you just want to focus on your lunch.  Whatever the case, Inbox Pause has you covered.  Focus time allows you to specify shorter spans of time where your Inbox will be paused.  When the time is over, all the mail received during that time will be returned, and your Inbox will remain unpaused until the next scheduled focus time.

Custom schedules

Last but not least, Inbox Pause allows for advanced personalization with our custom schedules.  With Inbox Pause's Mix and Match mode, you can do exactly that - mix and match to your hearts desire.  Build your own unique schedule by personalizing when your Inbox pauses, unpauses, and when your messages are delivered.  If you build it, they will come (but on your schedule!).

The nuts and bolts

But how does Inbox Pause work, you ask?  Inbox Pause uses Gmail filters and labels to tuck messages away until you're ready for them.  The messages are hidden away but still in your mailbox, in a special label.  They are not stored on Boomerang's servers, and accessible by you at any time, should need the need arise.

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