I paused my Inbox, so why am I still getting email?

Things to check:

Are the emails marked as important?

If emails marked as important are still bypassing our Inbox Pause filter, then this is most likely caused by a Gmail setting:

Click the Cog Icon in the top right corner of Gmail.
Click See All Settings in the dropdown.
Select the Inbox tab.
Scroll to the bottom, and choose Don't Override Filters next to Filtered Mail.
Click Save Changes to confirm.

Are the emails replies?

We're unable to pause threads that are already in the Inbox. If replies to threads you've got in your Inbox are coming through while you Inbox is paused, consider archiving those threads so that they're no longer in the Inbox. This will allow the replies to get paused like the rest of your emails.

Are the emails affected by a Never send to Spam filter?

By default, Gmail applies the Inbox label to any emails affected by your Never send to Spam filter, so these emails will bypass our Inbox Pause filter.

Have you double checked your Delivery Exceptions?

Just a reminder to double check your Inbox Pause Delivery Exceptions you set up when you paused your Inbox. In particular, check the Or With Words are for words that may appear commonly in other email bodies, email signatures, or subject lines, such as "private," "receipt" and "subscribe."

If you're still experiencing issues after trying all of these steps, please email us at support@baydin.com so we can work with you to diagnose the cause.

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