Can I still use my email while my Inbox is Paused?

Yes! In general you can continue using your email as usual while your Inbox is paused.

Can I send email while my Inbox is paused?

Yep! Inbox Pause does not affect outgoing email, so you can write and send email as usual. If you're writing a reply to a thread that gets a new message when your Inbox is paused, you'll still get a notification that there's a new message in the thread, so you don't have to worry about replying to a stale thread.

How does Inbox Pause affect my Boomerang and Send Later messages?

Your send later emails will send as scheduled, and Boomeranged emails will come back to your Inbox as scheduled.

How do I find emails when my Inbox is paused?

You will always be able to use the Gmail search functionality to find your messages. Additionally, you can use the label that Inbox Pause created when you clicked pause, which you can find in your Gmail sidebar on the left. Though we don’t recommend making a habit of it, clicking the Inbox Pause label will let you see all the emails that skipped your Inbox. (You may need to refresh your Gmail after pausing your Inbox for the label to appear.)

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